Annual Membership for Exhibitors (December 1-November 30th)

  • Senior/Junior/Owner: $30
  • Horse: $15


Horse & Rider Membership Rules

  • In order to compete, all horses, owners, and riders must be members of SWVEP. If an individual is an owner and rider, he/she will only pay for 1 membership.  
  • Any member who is not in good financial standing with SWVEP or a SWVEP affiliated horse show, will not be allowed to show.
  • Membership fees are non-refundable.
  • SWVEP reserves the right to deny membership to an individual (junior or senior) and/or to any farm or show management.
  • To be eligible for points toward year-end awards, a horse/pony must be recorded and the Owner or Lessee must be members of SWVEP prior to any competition. Points will only be awarded to horses shown under their recoded show name. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure his or her entry is correct at each horse show.
  • During the year, upon the sale or lease of a recorded horse or pony, the Owner or Lessee should advise the SWVEP in writing (either email or snail mail) of a change in status if that change will impact points won or awards granted at the end of the year. No fee will be charged for a change of ownership or a change of lessee made, if all of the parties, including the horse, are current members or currently recorded. If all parties are not current members, a new membership fee will be charged.
  • The recorded name of a horse or pony may be changed upon notification in writing to SWVEP.
  • A rider’s age for the horse show year is determined as of December 1ST of the competition year.
  • Junior, Amateur, and Professional members are classified pursuant to the USEF rules and as such are recognized by SWVEP as the same.



Horse Show Membership

  • Show membership fees: $40/show



Applications for sanctioned Horse Shows:

  • Applications for show dates of Recognized Regular Shows must be made on the form provided by the Association and accompanied by the payment of full dues.
  • A late fee of $40 will be assessed if applications are received in the office in less than sixty days and no other qualified applicant has applied.
  • Shows within 50 miles of one another will not be permitted on the same day. Preference will be given to the show that applies to the association 1st. This will allow grassroots-type shows to occur keeping travel expenses to a minimum.
  • There is no limit on the amount of shows an individual runs per year.
  • A show may apply for membership in the Association, have dates approved, operate under Association Rules, and receive all protection from the Association at any time during the year. However, unless an Application for Show Membership is received by the Association at least sixty (60) days prior to the holding of a show, the date cannot be guaranteed.
  • Each Show associated with SWVEP must provide proof of insurance with SWVEP listed as additionally insured.
  • If any infractions arise, they will be handled on a case-by-case basis by management.